Magnum Heavy Duty

Magnum Heavy Duty

Europe’s trucking industry leader is taking on Australia’s logistics and heavy haulage. 

While Monroe shock absorbers are more well known in family vehicles, Australia’s heavy transport and logistics industry is a strategic focus for Monroe, and a solid opportunity for your company.

That’s because Monroe already has runs on the heavy haulage board.

Monroe is the European original equipment supplier of choice for truck brands including CLAAS, DAF and Dennis together with Renault, Scania and Volvo. And this is why.

Monroe’s world leading innovations in shock absorber technologies have resulted in market leading advantages, from cab to road, which we are now bringing to the Australian industry.

Across the key areas of cabin dampers, seat dampers and axle shock systems, Monroe can now promise you industry-leading quality and performance followed up by second-to-none after sales support. Products and service that major European truck brands and transport corporations are benefitting from right now.




Shock absorbers engineered and manufactured in Australia with proven durability to improve your uptime.

  • High temperature, fade resistant hydraulic fluid
  • Viton seal to withstand high operating temperatures
  • High durability bonded rubber bushing
  • Velocity sensitive damping eliminates harsh road inputs
  • Hydraulic lock-out piston

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  • Single bonded bushing: very high durability of the bushing is achieved – makes shock installation easier.
  • High temperature resistant sealing system – maximises the durability of the unit.


  • Hydraulic lock-out piston: no over-extension of the air bag – eliminates external droop limiter.


  • High temperature resistant hydraulic fluid: semi-synthetic fluid improves the damping behaviour – more consistent damping over a wide temperature range.
  • Anti-wear coated piston ring: very high wear resistance of the unit – more consistent damping thanks to its sealing capabilities.
  • Double action valving system in bump and rebound: guarantees the good and safe handling performances of the vehicle – forces on chassis components are kept to a minimum.

Product features

Excellent coverage

  • Leader in cabin shocks segment
  • Key coverage in axle shocks from trucks and trailers
  • New coverage in axle shocks for buses and coaches
  • Seat damper range unique to Monroe Magnum
  • Continuously launching new part numbers

Cabin Dampers

  1. Conventional cabin shock
  2. Coil spring cabin damper with integrated coil spring
  3. Air spring cabin damper without air spring
  4. Air spring cabin damper with integrated air spring
  5. Over-shock air spring
  6. Stand-along air spring
  7. Lateral cabin shock

Axle Shocks (for trucks, trailers, busses and coaches)

These axle shocks are for all kinds of commercial vehicles, whether transporting goods or people. They feature some unique elements like blow-off valve and hydraulic stop, which makes them stand out versus any competitive product.


Seat Dampers

Truck driver comfort is an important contributor to safety on the road. Monroe has developed a range of seat dampers that are compatible with Isringhausen truck seats.

These dampers can be adjustable or fixed.

24 months or 150,000 km warranty

You also get a 24 months or 150,000 km warranty, whichever comes first from date of purchase.

Monroe Magnum 24 Month or 150,000 KM Warranty

Monroe Magnum Catalogue

The Monroe Magnum Catalogue can be viewed by clicking here.

Rest assured, when it comes to support, Monroe Australia is committed to excellence in customer service.

Monroe’s Technical Helpline – a service that is unique to Monroe – provides advice and assistance on any Monroe product. Just call 1800 088 205.

That’s just one of the ways Monroe will support you and all our transport customers Australia-wide.

High quality shock absorbers designed to resist wear while working longer at a higher degree of safety.

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