What Are Shocks?

What are the signs of worn shock absorbers?

Shock Absorber Safety

SHOCK ABSORBER SAFETY Shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. Replacing worn or inadequate shocks and struts and thoroughly inspecting the entire suspension system will help to maintain good vehicle safety and control. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF WORN SHOCK ABSORBERS? Although the best way to test your shock absorbers is through

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monroe safety triangle

Safety Triangle

SAFETY TRIANGLE Shock absorbers are simply unseen components that never wear out and never need replacing, right? Wrong! Shock absorbers are as important to your motoring safety as brakes and tyres. Shock absorbers keep your wheels in contact with the road; without them, your brakes and tyres simply can’t do their job. PLUS, they help

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Technology Driven Safety

Technology Driven Safety

TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN SAFETY Technology driven safety are three words that most aptly describe the Monroe commitment to product research and development. Many Monroe shock absorber products incorporate world first and patented technologies. Whatever the future holds for our automotive mobility, you can rest assured that Monroe will be there with more shock absorber technical innovations

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