Need some information? The below categories provide more information on shock absorbers, suspension in general and Monroe’s warranty policy. Please note that fitment advice is intended for the trade only. It is strongly recommended that only qualified professionals undertake the fitment of Monroe products. To find your nearest installer please click here.

Gas Charging

Gas Charging Benefits

GAS CHARGING BENEFITS Here are some of the advantages provided by the advanced technology that Monroe gas charged shocks represent. Improved handling When turning a


Inspecting Shocks and Struts

INSPECTING SHOCKS AND STRUTS Car Park Test First check the vehicle’s mileage. When a vehicle has just 20,000 km or more, there could be some

Ride Control

What is Ride Control

WHAT IS RIDE CONTROL Many things affect vehicles in motion. Weight, weight distribution, speed, road conditions, and wind are some of the factors that affect

Ride Control Products

Gas Charged Shocks & Struts Gas charged shocks and struts are available for most passenger cars and light trucks. These units are the most popular




Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorber Construction

SHOCK ABSORBER CONSTRUCTION Bore Size Bore size is the diameter of the piston and the inside of the pressure tube. Generally, the larger the unit,

Shock Absorber Design

SHOCK ABSORBER DESIGN There are two basic shock absorber designs in use today: the two-tube design and the mono-tube design. The conventional shock absorber is

What Shock Absorbers Do

WHAT SHOCK ABSORBERS DO Let’s start our discussion of shock absorbers with one very important point: Despite what many people think, conventional shock absorbers do


Strut Design

STRUT DESIGN Typically, struts consist of a coil spring to support the vehicle’s weight, a strut housing to provide structural support for the assembly, and

What Struts do

WHAT STRUTS DO Purpose of Struts In the mid 1970s, domestic automakers began the transition from producing large rear-wheel drive vehicles to producing lighter, more


Steering Systems

STEERING SYSTEMS The typical steering system used on passenger cars and light trucks is called a parallelogram system because all the pivot points are paralleled.

Spring Design

SPRING DESIGN Before discussing spring design, it is important to understand sprung and unsprung weight. Sprung weight is the weight supported by the springs. For

Rear Suspension

REAR SUSPENSION Just as we discussed with front suspensions, there are two types or rear suspensions: dependent and independent. Dependent Rear Suspensions There are two

Main Components

MAIN COMPONENTS At this point it’s easy to understand that the main components of a moving vehicle’s suspension system are the struts, shock absorbers, springs,

History of Shock Absorbers

HISTORY OF SHOCK ABSORBERS Early vehicle manufacturers began finding solutions to the problems of steering and passenger comfort. The front wheels were attached to the

Front Suspensions

FRONT SUSPENSIONS There are two major types of conventional front suspensions. They are dependent and independent. Dependent Front Suspensions The dependent front suspension uses a

Comfort and Safety

COMFORT AND SAFETY The suspension system allows the vehicle body to ride relatively undisturbed while travelling over rough roads. It also allows the vehicle to

Basics of Suspension

BASICS OF SUSPENSION To begin this training program, you need to know some basic information. First, you should know that the tyres and wheels make

Smart Suspensions

SMART SUSPENSIONS Today, more and more passenger cars are utilizing an active suspension system, or a “smart” suspension. A smart suspension is similar to a


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