Monroe Gas-Magnum TDT the top choice for 4wd suspension

When you inspect the manufacturing, gruelling testing and quality control processes of these shock absorbers, you know that you are getting the best possible 4WD shock absorber replacement product, Mark Winterbottom said.

While he races a V8 Supercar during 15 weekends of the year, one of Monroe Safety Ambassador Mark Frosty Winterbottom daily drives is an all wheel drive. So when visiting the Monroe shock absorbers plant in Clovelly Park (SA) recently, the V8 Supercar star was keen to investigate the total quality manufacturing of the Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4WD shock absorber.

Having just completed an extensive tour of Monroe’s Clovelly Park (SA) plant I can say without any doubt that this is the case. The fact that Monroe supports it with a three year, 60,000 kilometre warranty reflects the research and development that has taken place to deliver this quality 4WD suspension replacement product, Winterbottom added.

Of primary importance with these 4WD replacement shock absorbers is the fact that Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4WD shock absorbers are Australian made for Australian conditions by the country’s leader in shock absorber design and manufacturing technology.

Designed to master the entire spectrum of Australian four wheel drive on and off road activity, Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4WD shock absorbers combine Tenneco’s exclusive Twin Disc Tehnology with the legendary durability of one of Monroe’s most popular 4WD replacement shock asborbers, the Monroe Gas Magnum.

“Monroe Gas-Magnum TDT is a product that we have developed and engineered to provide improved performance both on and off road, says Tenneco Aftermarket Director, Roger Lassen. Even the most city-bound 4WD driver reserves the right to go off road and expect their vehicle to perform strongly and this is not always the case with original or worn shock absorbers.

Monroe’s exclusive Twin Disc Technology (TDT) has been combined with the legendary durability of Monroe’s Gas Magnum to yield a specialty shock absorber which provides safety and comfort on virtually any type of surface.

This specialised shock absorber replacement product has been engineered to take the knocks and produce maximum damping response under all four wheel drive applications, with minimal fading in harsh conditions.

On crowded city roads, Monroe’s Gas-Magnum TDT smooths out the constant acceleration and braking and eliminates the sway associated with these high centre of gravity vehicles, while producing a fast response when needed.

Monroe’s Gas Magnum TDT are non ride-height dependant and provide 4WD’s or light commercial vehicles with superior stability under all driving situations, particularly in emergency situations.

Advantages of Monroe Gas-Magnum TDT Shock Absorbers

  • Nitrogen Gas Charged
  • 1-3/8 (35mm) bore
  • Multi stage, high displacement valving
  • Superior chrome rod
  • Multi lip seal
  • Non ride height dependant
  • Made in Australia specifically for Australian conditions
  • Three year/60,000 km warranty

Monroe's Gas-Magnum TDT Shock Absorbers

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