The Branick Spring Compressor from Monroe

“Every automotive workshop should have a Branick spring compressor.” This is the hard earned advice of life long mechanic and proprietor of Goulburn’s Charnock Motors, Adrian Charnock.

A mechanic since the age of 15, Adrian opened Charnock Motors in 1982 in the New South Wales regional town of Goulburn. Through hard work and dedication to his customers over the decades since, the business has become a highly trusted automotive institution in Goulburn. Even at 69 years young, Adrian continues to run his workshop to this day.

Adrian had always replaced struts and shock absorbers using clamps for decades. This all changed when during a routine strut replacement, one of the forged clamps broke. The spring shot out, clipping his ear as it flew past. Had it have been a few centimetres different in its trajectory, it is highly likely that Adrian wouldn’t be with us to talk about it today.

“As soon as that shocking incident happened, I ordered a wall mounted Branick Spring Compressor without delay. I had never experienced something as dangerous as this in all of my years of working on cars. Once I started using the Branick Spring Compressor, I wondered why we hadn’t done it sooner. Not only is it much safer than using clamps, it enables us to change suspension components much faster as well,” Adrian said.

“For me it was first and foremost a decision based on ensuring the safety of myself and my staff when replacing struts, shock absorbers and suspension components. The fact that the Branick spring compressor also made us handle suspension replacements faster was an added advantage. But without a shadow of a doubt, after my near miss, I can only stress that every automotive workshop should be using a Branick spring compressor. Using clamps, even forged ones, is just fraught with risk,” Adrian added.

Monroe Australia is a distributor of the Branick spring compressor and a brand new model, the Branick 7600 has just been released. This OEM approved model handles tough 4WD applications like the Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Rav 4 and Ford F150 while it also features multi-position upper spring hooks which are adjustable up to four inches. The Branick 7600 also features long handles for extra torque to make strut spring compression even easier, along with a structural ring guard, better top nut clearance and a longer compression stroke than the previous 7400 model. This spring compressor is available as a mobile cart or bench mount version, with a maximum spring capacity of 1,361kg. It also handles spring diameters from 9cm to 29cm, while weighing in at a svelte 43kg. Monroe highly recommends this safety enhancing and productivity increasing piece of precision engineered workshop equipment.

To find out more, contact your Monroe distributor, Territory Manager or Monroe Australia Customer service on 1800 088 205.  


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