A sealed, gas filled pressure cylinder that exerts an outward force, acting like a spring to lift and hold open hatches, bonnets and boots.

Monroe Strut Mate Protection Kit

Strut-Mate Protection Kit

Includes a high quality, soft entry urethane compression bumper, a new dust boot, retaining strap and fitting instructions.


Strut-Mate Mounting Kit

This integral component works together with the strut to help isolate road vibrations and assist in smooth steering.

Monroe Magic Camber

Magic Camber

Incorrect camber can increase tyre wear and have a serious effect on a car‘s performance and safety. Magic Camber is a simple solution enabling camber to be corrected on most vehicles fitted with strut type suspension.

Monroe Shock Absorber Tester

Monroe Shock Absorber Tester

Allows you to easily determine the performance of your customers’ individual shock absorbers, helping you identify when they are worn and need to be replaced.

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