Monroe RideSense

Continually adapts shock compression and rebound forces within just 10 milliseconds, resulting in exceptional grip, manoeuvrability and ride quality under all driving conditions.

GT Gas

Monroe GT-Gas with exclusive Reflex Technology delivers excellent vehicle stability and handling without compromising driver and passenger comfort.

GT Sport

Monroe’s proven Reflex suspension technology meets King Springs’ race-bred performance to provide lowered performance shock absorbers with outstanding street appeal.

Gas-Magnum TDT

Designed to master the entire spectrum of 4WD on and off road driving, Monroe Gas Magnum TDT combines Tenneco’s exclusive Twin Disc Technology with the legendary durability of Monroe Gas-Magnum.

Magnum Heavy Duty

Across the key areas of cabin dampers, seat dampers and axle shock systems, Monroe can promise you industry-leading quality and performance followed up by second-to-none after sales support.

OE Spectrum Shock Absorbers

Designed with the right technology for each application to provide the optimum balance of improved control and superior comfort for increased driver confidence.

Gas Riser

A gas pressurised heavy-duty unit that enables ride height adjustment, ideal for vehicles that operate under a variety of load and towing conditions.


Super duty gas charged shock absorbers engineered for on and off-road use in 4×4 and light commercial vehicles.

Monroe Original

Designed to meet or exceed the motor vehicle manufactures’ specifications for original equipment and available in standard hydraulic and gas pressurised models.

Steering Damper

Absorbs steering shock and vibration caused by road irregularities such as cracks, corrugations, holes, rocks and wheel tracks. Ideal for use on 4×4 and commercial vehicles.

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