provide your customers with safer vehicles when they leave your workshop and Increase your company's profitS

Many workshops around Australia are missing out on the opportunity to provide their customers with safer vehicles and the increased revenue that comes with it. To put it simply:

Check Shocks + Replace Shocks = A Safer Vehicle & More income for you

Industry figures say that 8% of all vehicles coming through your workshop will need their shock absorbers changed.

How many shock absorbers are you changing per month? And how much potential profit could you be missing out on?

Let's Use our Workshop Shock-ulator to see...

Number of vehicles your company services per month

Selected Value: 100

Number of vehicles per month on which you replace shock absorbers

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Your Current shock absorber replacement rate


Your Approximate Current Profit ANNUALy from shock absorber replacement* is


Your potential annual profit from shock absorber replacement would be...


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* All figures are approximate and should be regarded as an indication only. ** Based on industry averages in 2017 throughout Australia.  [Other caveat text goes here.]

Provide your customers with safer vehicles when they leave your workshop

Like all vehicle components, shock absorbers wear out and should be replaced every 80,000 km.

As you will know, worn shock absorbers affect:

At just 50,000 km, shock absorber wear can increase a car’s stopping distance by up to 2 metres!

That extra 2 metres could be the difference between an accident and a near miss. It could also lessen any impact resulting in less injuries.

Worn shock absorbers can cause your tyres to have less contact with the road.

This means that your steering can be affected, especially in dangerous situations when you need it most.

Worn shock absorbers mean that your tyres are bouncing more on the road surface, so that you will lose stability driving around corners and bends. 

In certain difficult situations, you could be more likely to have an accident if your shock absorbers are worn.

Worn shock absorbers affect a vehicle’s ride comfort over time. As the shock absorbers become worn, ride comfort deteriorates along with vehicle handling and control.

Because worn shock absorbers affect how well your tyres stay in contact the road, this uneven contact creates uneven wear, meaning tyres will need to be replaced sooner.

Worn tyres are also bad news, impacting your ability to stop in an emergency.

By fitting new Monroe shock absorbers, you will be providing your customers with safer vehicles when they drive away from your workshop. 

Surely that feels good!

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