Here are some of the advantages provided by the advanced technology that Monroe gas charged shocks represent.

Improved handling

When turning a corner or a sharp curve, a vehicle’s body tends to lean away from the direction of the turn and then rebounds. This motion is called roll. Excessive roll may cause a loss of control. With gas charged shocks, roll is reduced.

Reduced excessive vibration

As tires bounce up and down, road roughness is transmitted to the vehicle’s body and cargo, causing them to vibrate. Excessive vibration may increase a truck’s cost per mile by increasing downtime, reducing tire mileage, reducing vehicle life and lowering resale value. Gas charged shocks control tire motion better than non-gas units, so vibration is reduced.

Wider range of control

Because gas charged shocks reduce aeration and dumping, they can provide improved performance levels over a wider variety of road conditions.

Reduced Aeration

Reduced aeration means greater valving range for improved control and a reduction in excessive vibration.

Reduced Fade

Shocks can lose damping capabilities as they heat up during use, a process called fade’. Gas charged shocks can prevent this loss of performance.
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