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The Guide to Understanding Suspension and Ride Control test is used to assist people within the automotive industry who wish to enhance their learning on technical and product knowledge within this field.

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What are shock absorbers?

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Inspecting Shocks

Inspecting Shocks and Struts

INSPECTING SHOCKS AND STRUTS Car Park Test First check the vehicle’s mileage. When a vehicle has just 20,000 km or more, there could be some internal wear and new shocks and struts may be needed. Also, check the manufacturer’s recommended service interval in the owner’s manual. Remember, a shock absorber provides resistance to bounce, roll …

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What is Ride Control

What is Ride Control

WHAT IS RIDE CONTROL Many things affect vehicles in motion. Weight, weight distribution, speed, road conditions, and wind are some of the factors that affect how a vehicle rolls down the highway. Under all these variables, however, the vehicle’s suspension system – including the shocks, struts and springs – must be in good condition. Worn …

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Ride Control

Ride Control Products

Gas Charged Shocks & Struts Gas charged shocks and struts are available for most passenger cars and light trucks. These units are the most popular shocks and struts sold today. A gas charge helps keep fluid inside the shock or strut from foaming. So, the unit performs better over a wider range of road conditions. …

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